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Repaired Tools


Quality does not end when an instrument is sold

Customers judge instrument quality not only by the condition at delivery, but how your company supports the product throughout its life. The quality and timeliness of instrument repair directly impacts a customer’s perception of your products.

Increase market share and revenues by aligning your company with a repair organization that has solved some of the toughest repair problems in the industry. Quantum Medical’s services are so highly regarded in the surgical instrument industry that we have helped organizations to close sales that were hindered by a repair issue the OEM could not solve.

Quantum Medical can help you close more business by:

Improving your customer’s perception of the quality of your organization and ongoing support

Offering quality repairs that keep you in front of the customer

Providing repair support of all brands, not just one line

More than just an outsource repair facility, Quantum Medical is an integral member of your team. We offer a consultative approach to solve ongoing and complex repair issues and strive for total customer satisfaction.


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