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If you think "replace" is better than "repair" - think again

The average life expectancy of medical instruments is at least 10 years but far too many of your instruments need repair long before your initial investment is realized. Replacing instruments can cost your hospital or surgery center more than four times the cost of repair -- a direct impact on your replacement budget!



Rejected and Repaired



Look familiar?

What many mobile repair vans and unskilled repair techs might tag as "non-repairable" is more often a repair that exceeds their capability. Oftentimes the instrument is in fact quite repairable if put in the right hands – Ours!

We excel in fixing the unfixable at a rate far less than the cost of replacing the non-repairable device with a new one.

Let us prove it to you!


Free Instrument Evaluation 

Let Quantum Medical help you with repair or replace decisions. We offer free assessments on whether to repair or replace the instrument - all you pay are shipping costs.

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