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Quality repair positively impacts your bottom line

Keep your instruments functioning flawlessly by repairing rather than replacing inventory. Quality repair can positively affect the bottom line of firms that lease or loan instruments.

Reduce operating costs

Gain market share - SELL MORE

Extend instrument life

Enhance your customer’s perception of instrument quality and innovation

More than an outsource repair facility, we view ourselves as integral members of your team, solving ongoing and complex repair issues.

Cost Savings Example:
Company XYZ has $100M in instrument inventory that is leased to hospitals and surgery centers. Every year, 5% of this inventory is damaged beyond the capabilities of Company XYZ’s current repair facility. Company XYZ is forced to buy $5M of new instruments each year. On average, Quantum Medical can repair at least half of these instruments requiring complex repair.


Current Business Model

Quantum Medical

Damaged inventory requiring complex repair



Inventory replacement costs



Repair Costs



Total Costs





The bottom line: Quantum Medical saves Company XYZ AT LEAST $2M per year by repairing damaged inventory instead of replacing.

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